Scintilla Spark



We are a new edtech company building an app to support the acquisition of knowledge within schools.

We recognise the growing thirst for knowledge and the recognition that it is a solid foundation of core facts that enables children to be more creative and develop greater understanding of their school’s chosen curriculum.

Our app is essentially a huge,  artificially intelligent, knowledge organiser that uses quizzes and games to find out each child’s individual memorisation need, and then spaces the repetition of facts in their quizzes at the optimum time for them to place the most facts securely in the long term memory.

  • Saves teacher time creating knowledge organisers as there is already a lot of build in content.
  • Contains a variety of gamified quizzes to help children memorise key facts.
  • Allows teachers to add their own content.
  • Tracks how well pupils are remembering facts so teachers can intervene.
  • Shows senior leaders how effective classroom practice is in supporting the acquisition of core knowledge.
  • Allows Senior leaders to gauge how much knowledge each child is gaining and whether this is impacting their academic success across the board.

This blog will discuss the development of the app and the forthcoming school trials in January 2019. I will also give some ideas for the type of knowledge teachers may want to include in Knowledge Organisers as a result of the time we have spent choosing knowledge of Scintilla Spark. I will also try and blog a little bit about the wider context of school curriculum design from my own experience as a school leader ina 340 pupil primary school in Devon.

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