Spark app research trial Jan 2019

Just a quick update.

The app is almost ready for its first outing. I feel like a proud parent. 15 schools are lining up to give it a go with a few classes prior to the big launch later this year. We have loads of knowledge content loaded in as multiple choice quizzes and look forward to seeing what pupils make of it.

Teachers will be hopping onto the app and creating courses for their classes. They will be able to select from pre-existing content that we have provided ( if it suits their curriculum) , and add their own questions to personalise it for their school. Once they have created a course they then allocate it to their class and the pupils start quizzing.  All this in a few minutes, hopefully. A bit like an electronic knowledge organiser.

After a few quizzes the AI will start to learn about each pupil and when best to ask them certain facts so that they become more firmly embedded in their long-term memory.

At the end of the term/year we will then be able to give accurate reports about the amount of knowledge pupils are genuinely retaining in each subject discipline.

We will let you know how it goes.

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